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Pay Provisional Tax When It Suits You

Many people would have paid their first instalment of provisional tax for the 2016 tax year on 28th August, but what they probably did not know is there is a way which lets them choose when they want to pay it.

Tax pooling lets businesses defer upcoming provisional tax payments to a time which suits them, without incurring late payment penalties and interest from the IRD.

When might this be useful?

A number of businesses will pay their second instalment of provisional tax for 2016 on 15th January – a payment which can be difficult for some given it coincides with a traditionally slow trading period following Christmas and New Year.

How does it work?

To defer an upcoming provisional tax payment, a business pays a tax pooling intermediary such as Tax management New Zealand (TMNZ) a one off, tax deductible finance fee. This fee is based on the amount of tax financed and the future date they wish to pay.

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